TRLPe Total Recovery Low Profile with EC Motor

Energy Recovery Ventilators

TRe Model

Model Features

  • MERV 8 filters (MERV 13 option available)
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Less than 1-watt standby power consumption
  • Transformer/relay package allowing simple on/off control
  • Plastic double collars for 6 or 8" direct duct connection
  • Painted case, low voltage controls, 3' power cord (TRLPe100C), 3' of conduit/power outlet box (TRLPe100)
  • Wall mount bracket & ceiling mount hanging systems
  • Fully insulated case
  • Large core for high efficiency
  • No condensate pan or drain required
  • HVI Certified
  • cETLus Listed
  • Ecowatt®

HVI cETLus   Ecowatt

Model Overview

The Total Recovery series with Electronically Commutated (EC) Motor uses a multi-speed control with an air-to-air energy exchange core to create balanced energy ventilation for residential and light commercial applications. Unlike other energy recovery ventilators on the market, the Total Recovery line does not require an added mechanical or electrical defrost system with the installation of this unit, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies and more reliable operations that create a better environment for you and your family.

With an included EC motor and HVI certification, these Total Recovery models meet all of the requirements for the Ecowatt® standard for energy-efficient products. The Ecowatt® standard is used to classify energy-efficient products that use Electronically Commutated (EC) or Direct Current (DC) motors that have certified performance from AMCA or HVI.

10-year core and 5-year unit warranty

TRLPe100 and TRLPe100C Airflow Performance Data

Boost Mode Continuous Mode
Static Pressure
(in w.g.)
Static Pressure
(in w.g.)
108 0.1 104 82 0.1 62
102 0.2 102 77 0.2 60
95 0.3 100 72 0.3 59
91 0.4 99 67 0.4 58
89 0.5 97 61 0.5 56
85 0.6 96 54 0.6 54
81 0.7 94 45 0.7 51
76 0.8 92 34 0.8 47
70 0.9 89      
61 1 85      

Dimensions for TRLPe100

Dimensional drawing for the TRLPe100 models.

Dimensions for TRLPe100C

Dimensional drawing for the TRLPe100C models.

Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

General Accessories

CAR150 6" Steel Backdraft Damper Submittal
CAR175 7" Steel Backdraft Damper Submittal
CAR200 8" Steel Backdraft Damper Submittal

Electrical Accessories

FT247 Programmable Fan Timer Submittal
SFM Percentage Timer Control with Furnace Interlock Submittal
SHW-20 Wall Mounted Dehumidistat Submittal
SPBL Push Button Point-of-Use Control Submittal
SPTL Percentage Timer Control Submittal

Standard Accessories

990076 Universal Filters (10 Packs of Filter Media) Submittal
990447 Universal Filters (3 Packs of Filter Media) Submittal
990661 MERV13 Filter  
BD6 6" Gravity Backdraft Damper  
BD8 8" Gravity Backdraft Damper  
FA8-G 8" Galvanized Metal Wall Cap  
FA8-P 8" Paintable Metal Wall Cap  
TRLPe100BWK TRLPe100 Bracket Wall Kit  
VB-106 6" Brown Vinyl Wall Cap  
VT8 8" Taupe Vinyl Wall Cap  
VW106 6" White Vinyl Wall Cap  
VW12X8 12x8-inch Louver to 8" Round Galvanized Metal Wall Cap  

Product Line Overview
Total Recovery Ventilator Brochure
TRLPe Flyer
Outside Air Solutions Brochure
Outside Air Solutions Flyer
Ecowatt® Brochure
Submittal (TRLPe100)
Submittal (TRLPe100C)


  • Residential
  • General/Clean Air
  • Contaminated Air
  • Energy Recovery