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Critical Solutions Team

In support of projects that will help alleviate the threat of COVID-19 and other similar events in the future, S&P USA is proud to assemble an exclusive group - the Critical Solutions Team to ensure that these jobs get completed first with utmost importance.

Critical Solutions Team

Mission Statement
The S&P USA Critical Solutions Team's mission is to prioritize and manage vital jobs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and similar events, giving the highest attention to producing quality projects with expeditious lead times.


  • To identify projects related to COVID-19 and similar events giving utmost priority over other jobs.
  • To advance the quoting and order confirmation of priority jobs moving into production faster.
  • To complete priority projects ensuring the quickest delivery time.
  • To design and customize jobs if necessary for specific applications.
  • To anticipate customer needs and make sure products are in stock to meet supply chain demands.
  • To have firm commitments from top suppliers to readily have products and parts available as needed.

To accomplish these goals, S&P USA has gathered these employees from cross-functional departments to lead the way in facilitating these important projects.

  • Greg Johnson, VP of Operations
  • Jim Webster, National Sales Manager
  • Joe D' Elia, Design Engineering Manager
  • Edith Roysdon, Marketing Manager
  • Stephanie Pilgrim, Production Supervisor
  • Daniel Grabb, Engineering Applications Specialist

For help with your priority job please call our Support Service number at 1-800-961-7370 or email with a brief description of the project and the date needed for delivery.

S&P's Claim Center

S&P’s Claim Center is for customers who received a product, part or accessory with any defects or damages. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE SENT WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS AFTER DISCOVERING ANY PROBLEMS WITH PRODUCT/SHIPMENT. Upon sending your request, our Support Services department will review and process the information about your application. If you have any questions, please e-mail

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Marketing Services

We have developed and designed several programs to help your business promote S&P Products

  • Optisizer – A fan selection software designed by Soler & Palau Ventilation Group, North America to help industry leading professionals select the most suitable product for every application. For more information about the Fan Selection Software, click here.
  • S&P University – At S&P USA innovations in training and technology allow us to stand out from our competition. Learn More about S&P's Product Line here.
  • S&P Fans to Go – This application software is designed for you to easily find the S&P Fan you need anytime, anywhere. For more information, click here.
  • S&P’s PrintShop – For all your marketing material S&P has a portal to order literature, signage, and promotional material at no cost to you. To request an account today visit and fill out the request form to be approved by S&P USA.

For additional information about our marketing services, please send an e-mail to

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