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TRCe Total Recovery with EC Motor for All Climates

Energy Recovery Ventilators New Product

TRCe Model

Model Features

  • EC Motor
  • MERV-8 filters
  • Transformer/relay package allowing simple on/off control
  • AHRI Certified
  • cULus Listed
  • Ecowatt®

AHRI cULus Ecowatt

Model Overview

With S&P's TRCe (total recovery for commercial applications) Series with EC Motor for all climates, stale room air is exhausted, and the fresh outdoor air is brought back into the building. With this line of ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) these two air streams are directed through a highly developed "air-to-air" energy exchange core. The air streams are physically separated by many layers of "plates" so there is no mixing or contamination of the fresh air. The plates are made of an engineered "resin" material that simultaneously transfers heat by conduction and humidity by attracting and moving water vapor from one air stream to the other.

S&P's TRCe's moderate extremes in both temperature and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment. The unique moisture transfer capability of the S&P core also eliminates condensation and frost build up in most applications. Unlike other ERVs on the market no mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies, easier installation and more reliable operation.

With an included EC motor and HVI certification, these Total Recovery models meet all of the requirements for the Ecowatt® standard for energy-efficient products. The Ecowatt® standard is used to classify energy-efficient products that use Electronically Commutated (EC) or Direct Current (DC) motors that have certified performance from AMCA or HVI.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including formaldehyde, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

10-year core warranty, 2-year unit warranty.

Core Performance for TRCe500

Airflow CFM ESP in H2O Watts
229 0.07 75
321 0.16 171
395 0.25 284
458 0.34 410
491 0.4 506
209 0.2 80
289 0.43 188
350 0.67 315
396 0.9 447
416 1 515

Core Performance for TRCe800

Airflow CFM ESP in H2O Watts
324 0.04 86
446 0.07 150
647 0.15 300
794 0.24 564
929 0.33 827
1019 0.41 1042
300 0.11 91
406 0.2 160
579 0.42 359
713 0.65 599
828 0.89 871
883 1 1075

Core Performance for TRCe1200

Airflow CFM ESP in H2O Watts
630 0.07 189
807 0.12 314
1014 0.2 502
1222 0.28 735
1430 0.39 1015
513 0.2 185
656 0.33 310
825 0.52 498
994 0.74 735
1163 1.01 1017

Dimensions for TRCe500

Dimensional Drawing for the TRCe500 Model

Dimensions for TRCe800

Dimensional Drawing for the TRCe800 Model

Dimensions for TRCe800V

Dimensional Drawing for the TRCe800V Model

Dimensions for TRCe1200

Dimensional Drawing for the TRCe1200 Model

Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your S&P Representative for more information about these accessories.

Standard Accessories

45EVT10 10" Round Flange Kit (2 in Kit) for TRC500  
BD10 Indoor 10" Round Backdraft Damper for TRC500  
BD12 Indoor 12" Round Backdraft Damper for TRC800  
FA10-G 10" round galvanized metal wall cap for TRC500  
FA12-G 12" round galvanized metal wall cap for TRC800  
FA10-P 10" round paintable metal wall cap for TRC500  
FA12-P 12" paintable metal wall cap for TRC800  
VW12X12-G 12x12" louver to 10" round galvanized metal wall cap for TRC500  
990080 MERV8 14x20x2" filter (Single) for TRC500 Submittal
990091 MERV8 14x20x2" filter (Case of 12) for TRC500 Submittal
990083 MERV8 20x20x2" filter (Single) for TRC800 & 1600 Submittal
990084 MERV8 20x20x2" filter (Case of 12) for TRC800 & 1600 Submittal

Ecowatt® Accessories

SC-TRCe Remote potentiometer speed control for TRCe  

Total Recovery Ventilator Brochure
Submittal (TRCe500)
Submittal (TRCe800)
Submittal (TRCe800V)
Submittal (TRCe1200)
Instruction and Operation Manual


  • General/Clean Air
  • Contaminated Air
  • Energy Recovery