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PCD80XH is Now Available!

S&P is proud to announce that the new Premium CHOICE model which features the most efficient DC motor is now available. This unit uses the most energy-efficient motor to improve indoor air quality by exhausting contaminants and excess moisture that can cause health issues, mold growth, and structural damage over an extended period. For more information about this product and its accessories visit our Premium CHOICE website or download the files below.

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New Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators

S&P has recently redesigned our Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators to make them available in larger sizes with higher pressure options that are more economical and well prepared for coming energy efficiency regulations. With this redesign, we are discontinuing certain models and replacing it with their equivalent model.

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Product Videos

reFresh Series Product Overview
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 1: Product Overview
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 2: Wiring Your ES24V
Envirosense Ventilation Control
Part 3: Setting Up Your ES24V

Introducing S&P's New Outside Air Video

With today's buildings being tighter and more energy efficient, S&P has worked extensively to develop new outside air solutions. This informational video helps you understand Outside Air Solutions and the S&P products that would most effectively improve your Indoor Air Quality.